If you are an Excel power user please have a look at https://xlladdins.com. It is still in early stages so any feedback will be appreciated. Currently there are add-ins for the C/C++ math library and Windows registry. The add-ins are signed but until I scrape up enough nickels for an EV (“Expensive Validation”) CA you will still see warnings when opening them in Excel. Who says money can’t buy you friends?

If that makes you nervous then you can build everything from source for yourself using the free version of Visual Studio. It should be as simple as cloning the repository in VS and hitting F5. Let me know if that does not work for you.

The xll_math library uses a python script to scrape the documentation from web pages and generate C++ code. I work hard to be lazy. The xll_registry library scratches an itch that I am surprised nobody else has scratched. Even VBA does not come equipped with this functionality.

2 thoughts on “xlladdins.com

  1. This is probably one of the best pieces of support software that I have come across. Brilliant work! And it answers probably 100 questions posed on Stackoverflow as to how best to integrate C++ with Excel. Only reason that it doesn’t answer more SO questions is that it is only for Windows 😉 Sorry Mac and Linux crew.

    One request: have an option for MyArray to return a horizontal array to Excel, rather than only a vertical array. Most (of my actuarial) cashflow based work is member-based and is horizontal.

    Am still messing around with it. Will definitely give more feedback as I work through it.

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