Monthly Archives: June 2021

There are plenty of products that do Monte Carlo simulation in Excel. Here is one more: Do an A/B test if you are already using one and let me know if theirs is simpler, faster, or easier to use. My product does not have many bells and whistles, or even examples of how to use it other than a simple demo showing how to trade space for time in a spreadsheet. It is a stripped down version of what I’ve been using with my hedge fund clients over the years.

They love using it and told me I should spin off a commercial version. They have no idea how difficult it is to write software that works on versions of Excel in the wild. If you help me shake down the issues involved with this I would love to keep rolling out new functionality. What problem can it help you solve?

If you are an Excel power user please have a look at It is still in early stages so any feedback will be appreciated. Currently there are add-ins for the C/C++ math library and Windows registry. The add-ins are signed but until I scrape up enough nickels for an EV (“Expensive Validation”) CA you will still see warnings when opening them in Excel. Who says money can’t buy you friends?

If that makes you nervous then you can build everything from source for yourself using the free version of Visual Studio. It should be as simple as cloning the repository in VS and hitting F5. Let me know if that does not work for you.

The xll_math library uses a python script to scrape the documentation from web pages and generate C++ code. I work hard to be lazy. The xll_registry library scratches an itch that I am surprised nobody else has scratched. Even VBA does not come equipped with this functionality.