It might be big, but it sure is slow

I’ve been getting up to speed with the latest in JavaScript add-ins for Excel. I ran the generator to create a sample add-in and took a look at what was generated:

WTF? 25,487 files weighing in at 147MB! WTF-ingF? That is insane.
Fine, it builds and runs, if you have enough patience. The functions even return results that appear to be correct.
Lets add the getStarCount example and rebuild. Works as advertised. Now let’s copy and paste into, say, 100 cells. After several seconds of #BUSY! maybe 10 of the calls succeed and the rest come back with #VALUE!. F9 does nothing. Shift-F9 does nothing. Ctrl-Alt-F9 does nothing. Alt-replace-equal-by-equal-all, nada. F2 an individual cell maybe? Nope.

Don’t get me started with how add-ins are now distributed. You might as well wear a straitjacket and leg irons.

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