Monthly Archives: August 2020


I’ve been eating my own dogfood and it sure is yummy! The xllmath add-in hooks up functions in the C++ standard <cmath> runtime library to Excel. I work very hard to be lazy so I wrote some python code to generate the add-in from the GitHub documentation provided by Microsoft. Thank you Satya!
It is just a first cut but it compiles and runs. Try out my kibbles ‘n bits and let me know what you think.

New xll add-in library

I’ve rewritten my library for creating Excel add-ins for the n-th time: Let me know what you think.

The biggest change is that it now uses UTF-8 so you don’t have to deal with multi-byte (ASCII) character sets vs Unicode (UTF-16, UCS-2) pain. Everything gets converted to whatever makes Excel happy. Hopefully that makes you happy too.

If you have issues please post them to GitHub Issues. It’s not that I prefer the evil, money grubbing, GitHub capitalists to the evil, money grubbing, WordPress capitalists, I just like having things in one spot and I’m on GitHub more regularly.

Disclaimer: This is at the Minimum Viable Product stage so please don’t use it in production unless you need to get fired.