Graph Query Language.

It’s a thing now. Leave it to Facebook to come up with a completely misleading name.
It is true a tree is a graph. Querying is only one of the things it helps you with. It is not a language.

It is a specification that has been around since 2012 that is a huge improvement over REST that let’s you not only query, but provides a simple view for users doing CRUD on legacy systems in an efficient way.

If it has a dirty secret, it is that programmers have to figure out how to turn the specification into something that does more than just an http request/response. The challenge programmers now have is to figure out is how to marshal multiple resources from one call into a response that conforms the query.

This makes it easy for clients. When they ask for something, they get back a response in the same format as they ask for. It allows them to concentrate on the model. The view/presenter/controller becomes trivial for the people actually using the data.

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