Monthly Archives: May 2016

The newest new old thing

Apologies to Raymond Chen:
Against my better judgement I rewrote the xll add-in library. Again.
Still learning all the new C++11/14/17 good bits. And trying to avoid the crazy things that seem to be slipping into the latest standards.
No disrespect to women, but I always feel like I’m giving birth every time I try this. The ancient C Excel SDK has its, um, personality. I continue to be floored by how expressive modern C++ has become.
The AddIn class now uses lambda expressions to Register and Unregister on xlAutoOpen and xlAutoClose.
You could probably save a few characters if you wrote this in python/ruby/perl/language du jour, except you can’t write this in those languages. It definitely takes more brain cells to come up with code this tight, but that is where the fun is.