You can’t make this git up.

Hitler uses git:

Why is git called git? Just ask Linus. It’s funny how people tell you things if you just listen.

Andrew Tridgell reverse engineered BitKeeper and the company that invested capital in their product decide not to provide a free version to people like Linus.

Linus got unhappy about that so he wrote something he needed to replace that. Software is a funny, fungible thing. It is not like normal business things. Some people can be 10x more productive, not just 10%, maybe even more, but it is difficult to measure.

Andrew Tridgell also reverse engineered the Samba protocol and was the co-inventor of rsync. The only thing I asked for when my team took over the Excel add-ins at Banc of America Securities was a Samba server for the files. The Microsoft file system at that time made it impossible to delete files that were open.

I use rsync every day, and twice on Sundays. It is one of these brilliant things that were just done right. No need to keep changing. Confession time: I use vi. I would not wish that on my worst enemy, but Bill Joy wrote the most efficient editor for turning keystrokes into programs.

Linus wannabes have been spending a lot of effort to make git usable for mere mortals. GitHub is in the news lately. My experience has been annoyance at the sloppy kids hopped up on Red Bull fiddling with one tiny aspect they finally groked and foisting that on users who just want a clear picture on how to use their product. It sounds like the adults have finally showed up.

There is actually a workflow that can be taught to people who are not as smart as Linus. It is on the GitHub website.

It is the complete opposite of how Linus envisioned it would be used. But he built it for himself.

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